5 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life


Not a day goes by when we don’t pick up these tools.

#1 Microwave Rice Cooker

 Attractive Plastic Insulated Hotpots with a unique shape. Best quality insulation which ensures that the food remains hot for a long time. Stylish handles which makes it easy to carry.
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#2 Magnetic Spice Rack

Keep all of your supplies organized with this sturdy magnetic tin storage set. Perfect for holding beads, glitter and any other must-have materials that are essential to your creative process. Adjustable tray that lays flat or tilts, this storage tin set will fit the smallest of work spaces

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Magnetic Spice Rack
Magnetic Spice Rack

#3 Multifunctional 2 Layer Storage Rack

This multipurpose utility rack is sleek and sturdy specially designed for kitchen, bathroom, stationary and rest room usages. It is made up of stainless steel and plastic. It has two shelves to easily store multiple products, which will definitely help you to organise your stuff and make life easy.

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#4 Tea / Coffee Mug With Snacks Tray

Unique product to have Morning or Evening Tea/Coffee. Loved by Guests if served in these with some Snacks in the Tray

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#5 Multipurpose Drain Strainer Bowl

Wash rice and designed specifically for easily filtered water, convenient and practical. Fine drainage holes, you need not worry meters will spill. It not only can be used to wash things, but also can be used to storage.Thick and durable, not easy to throw rotten.

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Multipurpose Drain Strainer Bowl
Multipurpose Drain Strainer Bowl