5 Smart Hacks to Stay Active with Family during Winters

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It’s a usual tendency to see people fall into the habit of staying indoors and give up on their exercise routine, when temperature drops. But only about 30 minutes of activity each day can keep your weight under control and help relieve stress.

Winter season can be an excellent time to try new fun activities and stay active. Here are few surefire ways to stay fit and active throughout the winter season.

  1. Change your mindset

Just a thought that its cold outside can sometime make workout seems less than desirable. But if you take it as a fun, you will enjoy it. Winter is not just about cold climate, but it’s a whole new season which you won’t be able to enjoy if you stay snuggled up in your warm bed. Embrace the time of the year and re-plan your fitness goals based on what you would like to accomplish over the next few months. You will not only enjoy the season, but will also stay on track of your fitness goals.

  1. Go out and have fun

If you still can’t muster the energy to exercise during winter season, think of having fun that will keep you active. There are many games you can play indoors and burn few calories. The best thing is that you won’t feel like you are exercising. Games that get your heart rates up make for an excellent cardio session. Here are some of the fun activities you can consider:

Fun activities Calories burned per hour
Making snow angles 214 calories
Snowball fight 319 calories
Building a snowman 285 calories
Ice skating 450 calories


  1. Join winter sports

If you like sports, why not try a new winter sport. There are plenty of interesting options that helps burn tons of calories. They will not only keep you fit but will also add interesting twist on your cold-weather workout plans.

  1. Workout from home

If getting to gym appears to be more hassle because of cold, why not start working-out from home where it’s cozy and warm. Invest in workout DVD and few pieces of fitness equipments such as Total Body exerciser wheel and pull string resistance tube etc. Working-out from home is not only convenient but also offers a solution to stay on top of your fitness goals.

  1. Make it exciting

If you have never found winter interesting, pause for a moment and think about things you love about winter and how you can turn them into opportunities to keep fit. It can be about eating in-season delicious fruits such as oranges, kale, chestnuts etc or curling up in front of fireplace with a large cup of sugar-free coffee in front of fireplace after a workout or a winter sport.