5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Fresh and Glowing


Winter season is a great time to have fun and indulge in shopping. But winter may not be good news for many things, including your skin. If you have been experiencing dry skin lately, you are not alone. Cold weather brings along harsh winds and dry air that sucks the moisture out of your skin, leaving them dry, cracked and scaly. Cold weather and wind can aggravate your skin especially if you are already prone to dry skin.

Here are five ways you can keep your skin fresh and glowing during season:

  1. Stick to short baths and lukewarm water

Who doesn’t like to have hot shower during winter months? But if you are concerned about fresh and glowing skin during winter season, you should stick to short baths with luke warm water. Hot water will dry your skin further, while luke warm water will help keep the moisture inside. To make the best of your bathing time, invest in Loofah Bath Ball that will help quickly and efficiently clean your body.

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  1. Drink generous amount of water

People who drink plenty of water experience significant benefit in skin hydration. You should aim at drinking at least 8 to 9 ounce glasses of water per day. Drinking plenty of water may not moisturize your skin from outside, but it will keep your skin fresh and healthy from within. Get yourself Matt finish water bottle or Classic sipper water bottle to make sure you have water with you all the time.

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  1. Use moisturizer

You should use moisturizer right after your shower or bath. During this time you skin in still wet and moisturizer will help seal moisture into your skin. Choose moisturizer that uses plant based oils such as aloe vera, cocoa butter or jojoba etc. They form a protective barrier over your skin.

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  1. Exfoliate your skin once a week

Moisturizers work best on clean exfoliated skin. Choose simple eco-friendly sugar face scrub or oatmeal scrub to make sure you are not adding any carcinogens to your skin during the cleansing process.

  1. Oil free based makeup

Buy only oil free makeup products for winter months. Choose liquid or cream while buying a foundation. Regular make up products are loaded with natural oils and may adversely affect your skin instead of helping your skin.

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