Good Healthy Habits you should smartly teach your kids


While raising kids you are sure to face all sorts of challenges. But at the end it is all worth it when your child grows into a responsible and well rounded person.

Though tricky, one of the best things you can teach your children is good habits. There is no better or effective ways to teach a child healthy habits than by displaying them in your own life. This means if you want to teach your child certain healthy habits, you will need to develop them first before you teach them to your child.

Basic hygiene


Basic hygiene is important. Help your child realize the importance of brushing their teeth every day from early childhood. Since kids tend to snack a lot, they need to clean their teeth to prevent cavity. Make it a routine for your child to brush twice a day using a less fluoride toothpaste and also teach them to not to eat foods after brushing their teeth at night.

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Eat healthy

A lifestyle where fast food and frozen dinners are common, it can be difficult to teach your kids healthy eating. The easiest way to instill good habits in children is to practice them yourself. Spend a little extra time cooking dinner and lunches for your children. When your children see how much you enjoy preparing them, they will be more likely to try it.

Limit television time

Kids love to watch cartoon shows for hours together. But this is not a very healthy thing. It can harm their eyes and deprive them of their sleep and also make them prone to various infections. Fix a time for them when they can spend time in front of television. Though you can be lenient occasionally, require them to maintain the schedule every day.

Make sure your kid gets adequate amount of sleep

Children within the age of 5 to 12 years require at least 10 to 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep to maintain good health. Make sure your child goes to sleep at the same time every day.  Regular sleeping pattern will help them be more attentive in classes and stay in better mood throughout the day and build immunity.

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Teach them importance of safety equipments

Teach your kids to wear seat belts while travelling cars, or wear goggles while in the swimming pool or wear helmet while riding bike or while practicing skating. This will help them develop habits of taking precautionary measures to prevent injuries. If your child is below the age of 5 years, home safety and security products can be much helpful.