Innovative Products to make Baby Food at home

Mother feeding baby boy

The Center for Science in the Public Interest warned in 1996 through its report that baby foods made by certain highly reorganized companies were adulterated and nutritionally inferior compared to homemade baby foods.

There is no denial from the fact that properly prepared homemade foods have nutritional as well as economical edge over most commercial foods. Moreover commercial foods tend to have more sugar, more sodium, less fiber and much more expensive.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to make your own baby food, here is a list of few benefits of making baby food at home.

Commercial baby foods are not creditable infant foods

U.S. Government lists vast majority of commercial baby food as “not creditable infant foods”. U.K. Government maintains that home cooked baby foods should always be preferred over commercial baby foods. Early stage developments are crucial to the health and well being of infants. Home cooked baby foods give parent opportunity to introduce their little ones to food that are rich in natural goodness.

Simplified process through good tools

Today there are plenty of great kitchen tools available in the market that will significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare baby food, for example baby food freezer trays, blender, small individual glass containers, food thermometers and few other great tools that will make food preparation quicker and easier. Here are some good kitchen tools that you should definitely check out:


We all love to have food right out of the oven or fruit at its peak ripeness. Even babies love to eat fresh foods. You can prepare food for your baby right before she or he eats it. I am sure you will find your baby more likely to enjoy foods freshly prepared using fresh fruits and vegetables.

More nutritious

Homemade baby foods are more nutritious compared to commercial baby foods. That’s because during commercial production the food is subjected to exceptionally high temperature to increase its shelf-life.

Exposure to high temperature leads depletion of some heat sensitive nutrients. Moreover homemade foods also do not contain food preservatives or added fillers.

More varied

Commercial baby foods come in only limited varieties. But if you are preparing baby food at home, possibilities are endless. You can prepare baby foods using cauliflower, zucchini or kiwi or pretty much anything you decide. Homemade baby food can be pureed to desired thickness depending on how old your baby is. You can also choose all organic produce to prepare baby foods.