Kitchen Gadgets That Stand the Test of Time


Not a day goes by when we don’t pick up these tools.

1. Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

There are few things worse than pulling out a bottle of wine, only to find you don’t have a corkscrew handy. Though the Internet may tell you otherwise, a sturdy corkscrew is the only reliable tool that will pull a cork out with ease—and not crumble it into pieces (or push it back into the bottle). This model doubles as a beer opener, too.

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2. Stainless Steel Handheld Cheese Mill Cheese Grater

My mom and grandma both said that their stainless steel Cheese grater is the one sturdy constant in their kitchen. It’s most often used to shred Colby-Jack for pimento cheese spread, Sandwitch, Pizza, Franky, Pav Bhaji.

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3. Circular Rolling Kitchen Knife

This Circular rolling kitchen knife is stainless steel-Ergonomic Design, it helps you to be More Efficient in Cutting Meat and Vegetables & salad chopper Pizza Cutter Super Sharp Much Easier & Faster Food Preparation and protect your wrist. Sharper blade is made of high quality stainless steel. . It is easy-cleaned and cared .It can slice, dice, and mince with a high level of precision.

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4. Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Rack

This set is designed to beautifully complement your modern stainless steel appliances. Adding a little extra shine to your kitchen never hurts. These handy storage containers have a magnetic backing, so they will attach tightly to any flat metal surface, including most appliance and refrigerator doors.

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5. 360 Degree Peeler

If you own the right peeler, you should only need one: which is why we urge you to buy a 360 Degree shaped peeler. The wide blade means fewer swipes, so you can quickly peel apples, potatoes, carrots, and more.

  1. 360 degree rotatable blades, convenient to change.
  2. Sharp and convex sides to peel fruit.
  3. High quality stainless steel material, slushing and durable.
  4. Environment-friendly plastic holder, comfortable hand-feel.
  5. Hanging, for storage, saving space.

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